Equitable National Life Medicare Insurance Plans

So you are turning 65 this year. Or maybe you have decided to switch your Medicare Supplement provider or plan considering a change in your medical priorities and needs. These supplement plans, which are standardized by the government but are offered by the private sector insurance providers, come in ten different packages. Equitable National Life Medicare Insurance is one of […]

Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 Explained

Medicare is healthcare insurance coverage provided by the government for the citizens of the USA. The coverage comes in two parts; Medicare Original and Medicare Supplements or Medigap plans. Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement Plans are an example of the latter coverage category. Original Medicare is what is provided to all eligible citizens based on taxes, insurance contributions, and insurance […]

Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

So you want to minimize your out-of-pocket health costs now you have celebrated your 65th birthday? You know you just can’t rely on Original Medicare for complete financial protection against healthcare costs. And you are considering investing in adequate Medicare Supplement Plan. A Medicare Supplement Plan will cover all the costs, deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and extended hospital stays which are […]