Medicare Qualified Government Wages

If you are a government employee nearing your 65th birthday, it is just understandable that you are concerned about your eligibility towards Medicare. If you are researching if your wages fall within the category of Medicare qualified government wages or not, this article is the best resource to read. Public Sector Employees If you are working in the public sector, […]

Everything about Medicare Cost Plan

Other than Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) also offer health coverage under this program. Among such programs, Medicare Cost Plans make one such plan which offers healthcare coverage to senior citizens. What is Medicare Cost Plan? A Medicare cost plan is similar to any other plan covered under Medicare Advantage. The enrollees […]

Everything about Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans are a great way to invite certainty into your post-retirement budget. Why? It’s because these plans create certainty around one major component of your expenses, your healthcare budget. Transamerican is one such entity that offers Medicare Supplement plans so seniors can fight excessive out-of-pocket costs. A little younger than some of its counterparts, Transamerica is considered a […]

A Complete Aflac Company Review

Aflac Inc. is an insurance company that provides various insurance products to US citizens. If you search for Aflac company review from A.M Best rating or Moody’s, you will find that the company performs well on financial front. But being the savvy investor and insurance buyer, you know that there are many factors that affect an insurance provider’s credibility other […]

Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha Review

If you are looking at Medicare Supplement plans from Central States Indemnity, this Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha review will help you assess this choice in detail. Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha – An Overview Central States Indemnity, or CSI, is an insurance provider with specialty products including disability, life, and unemployment products. IT started its operations in […]

American National Life Insurance Company of Texas Review

This American National Life Insurance Company of Texas review includes information about the financial outlook, business performance, and customer relationships of the business. Often abbreviated as ANICO, its parent company, American National Life Insurance Company, is serving the nation for more than a century. Company Overview William Lewis Moody established ANICO in 1905. Its products include health insurance, life insurance, […]

Combined Insurance Company of America Review

Combined Insurance Company should make a crucial part of your research if you are in the planning phase of Medicare Supplemental insurance purchase. This company is a global insurance provider with its US-based services including life insurance, accident insurance, critical care coverage, and Medicare supplement plans. The company started operating in 1947 making it one of the youngest insurance providers […]

Equitable Life and Casualty Company Review

Another well-known option for your Medicare Supplement insurance needs is Equitable Life and Casualty Company. This company offers insurance and annuity solutions for retirees. Let’s see if it’s a good fit for your post-retirement healthcare needs or not! Equitable Life and Casualty Company- An Overview Often regarded as Equitable, the Equitable Life and Casualty Company started its operations in 1935. […]

An Honest Everest Reinsurance Company Review

Another name that comes to mind while searching for Medicare Supplement plans is Everest Reinsurance Company. This company appears as the best option when we consider its financial strength. However, we should consider the complete Everest Reinsurance Company review to know if its insurance has some value or not. Everest Reinsurance Company- An Overview Often known as Everest Re Group, […]