Aflac Short-Term Disability – A Complete Review

Why you should trust Aflac short-term disability insurance. It’s because when you want reliability and peace of mind for difficult periods of your life, you look for a company that can offer these things.

And you know that Aflac is a great example of a quality insurance provider that keeps the interests of its policyholders at heart. 

We have already detailed the company in another review at this site. Here is the brief introduction. If you want this company’s complete background head over to Aflac Company’s review here

Aflac Company – An Overview 

The two most outstanding features of this company are its optimal financial performance and outlook and its commitment to utmost customer care. In the area of financial health, the company attracts positive ratings from financial industry rating agencies. Two big names – AM Best and Standard and Poor – affirm positive ratings of Aflac at A+ and Aa3, respectively. 

On business management and customer care fronts, it has gained the trust of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – a not-for-profit organization focused on assessing the business performance of major players in the business community. The company has earned an A+ rating. 

What else do you need? 

The company also has a wide selection of insurance packages and solutions both for individuals and employers. Medicare makes the primary focus of its services. Others are health insurance and accident insurance. 

Also, the company offers employee benefit plans and short-term disability insurance. 

Aflac Short-Term Disability Review

Aflac Short Term Disability Insurance

Like any other short-term disability insurance, Aflac’s doesn’t start paying until a week or so after the policyholder is out-of-job. The elimination period – or waiting period after which this insurance payment kicks in – for Aflac is 14 days.

Aflac can pay up to 60% of the salary an employee earns with a maximum limit ranging between $300 and $5000. The maximum limit varies from person to person depending on their age and yearly salary.  

The benefit period under this insurance may last up to a maximum of 6 months – which is a standard benefit period for most Short-term disability insurance policies.

Why You Should Prefer Aflac’s Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance

There are several reasons which back the claim that Aflac’s STD coverage is better than any other. Here are some of the reasons:

You know you are fully protected – because your policy is backed by the guaranty of Aflac, a trustworthy insurance company.

You can get enrolled as an individual – some companies offering Short-term disability require that the employees are registered through their employer. However, this is not a requirement for Aflac’s insurance.

You can avail the benefit of guaranteed-issue – this term of the agreement makes sure that you get paid even without filling out the medical questionnaire.

Cash benefits are available – the company puts in all its efforts to make sure your stress remains low in difficult times of your life. As such, it makes the payment process hassle-free and quick.

Wrap Up

Do you think Aflac’s short-term disability insurance will help you cover lost income when you are ill? The facts and the company’s history says that it is trustworthy. Plus, the policies it has enacted make sure that the policyholder is compensated promptly and the claim process is straightforward.

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