American Republic Corp Insurance Company- A Review

American Republic Corp Insurance Company is another name of trust and quality in the world of Medicare supplement plans and other types of insurance products. It is a subsidiary of the American Republic Insurance Company which was established in 1929. A little younger than its peers in the industry, the company serves 49 states across the country.

American Republic Corp Insurance Company

Financial Strength

The company maintains $26 million in assets. The company manages these assets with a conservative investment policy which helps it in minimizing risk without compromising on return.
American Republic Corp Insurance Company is backed by a financially trustworthy company of American Republic Insurance Company. The parent company enjoys A- rating from A.M Best. Financial strength and reliance on assets is one reason for this positive outlook. Another reason is the American Republic’s acclaimed promptness in handling claims.

Business Performance and Customer Care

Other than maintaining reliable financial ratios, the American Republic Corp Insurance Company also presents reliability in its dealings with customers. Because of its strong emphasis on customer service, it has attracted an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Offered Medicare Supplement Plans

American Republic Corp Insurance Company is responsible for managing Medicare Supplement plans on behalf of the American Republic Insurance Company. It offers the following supplement plans to its customers:
Plan A,
Plan B,
Plan K, and
Plan L.
These plans allow peace of mind to the enrollees regarding their post-retirement healthcare budget. Potential enrollees can get information about these plans and related rates via three different channels including call, an online submission form, and local agent of the company.

Wrap Up

American Republic Corp Insurance Company is a trusted name that has served the nation for more than 90 years. This company deals specifically with Medicare Supplement plans which are available in 49 states. The company enjoys a sound financial and business reputation in the insurance industry.

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