Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 - Are you covered?

So you want to minimize your out-of-pocket health costs now you have celebrated your 65th birthday? You know you just can’t rely on Original Medicare for complete financial protection against healthcare costs. And you are considering investing in adequate Medicare Supplement Plan.

A Medicare Supplement Plan will cover all the costs, deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and extended hospital stays which are ignored under Medicare plans A and B. As these supplement plans are designed to bridge the gap between financial coverage provided by Plan A and B and the requirements presented by the complete healthcare costs.

There can be a number of reasons which prompt you to buy one of the best Medicare supplement plans in 2019. These include

Age, you have just turned 65 years old;

Conversion to Medicare Plan A or B. if you were previously using Medicare Advantage Plan but are now switching to Original Medicare and considering keeping your healthcare costs minimized; and

Change in perspective, you enjoyed Medicare Original previously but now want greater coverage or only want to switch from one supplement plan to another.

Depending on the reason for your purchase and your personal healthcare expenses, you might prefer one supplement plan over the other.

Starting from Plan A all the way to Plan N, Medicare allows 10 supplements plans from which citizens can choose. The costs of these plans vary according to the healthcare costs they cover.

Consider recent charges and coverage details, the following three plans are best Medicare supplement plans 2019.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Although this plan leaves Medicare Part B deductible and Medicare Part B excess charges unprotected, this is still better than other plans if excess charges are not a concern for you.

This plan will cover the costs related to:

Coinsurance of Medicare Part A and Part B,

Hospice care coinsurance under Part A,

Coinsurance of nursing facility care,

Medicare Part A deductible,

Foreign travel emergency’ and

Preventive care Part B coinsurance.

If you are a frequent user of emergency room services or you visit the doctor for your ailment more frequently, you might want to consider a plan that covers Medicare Part B excess charges.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

This supplement plan is best for those people who are a frequent user of healthcare services. Its coverage is almost similar to that of supplement plan N with an added coverage of excess charges of Part B.

What does this additional coverage mean for you? It includes

Exemption from copay for emergency rooms and doctor visits, and

Coverage of additional 15% costs charged by healthcare providers.

So if your copays are surmounting, you might want to invest in Supplement Plan G to counter these costs.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

This plan is famous amongst most Medicare beneficiaries because of its extensive nature. The plan covers all the benefits covered under Plan G with additional coverage of Medicare Part B deductible. This deductible will amount to $185 for the year 2019.

Again, this plan is best for those beneficiaries who frequently visit emergency rooms and doctors.

Wrap Up

This article gives the benefits offered by the three best Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. Suitability of any of these plans will depend on the individual healthcare needs of the recipients.

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