Are Celtic Medicare Supplement Plans A Good Fit for You?

Celtic Medicare Supplement Plans

One of the choices which you encounter during your search for the best insurance provider in Medicare Supplement plans relates to Celtic Medicare Supplement Plans. Celtic Insurance Company offers these plans.

This company, Celtic Insurance Company, is a subsidiary of Centene since 2008. The former is a specializes insurance provider which has specialized in the field of health insurance while the latter is a national leader in the same area of insurance. The latter entity started operating in 1984 and has gained considerable asset size and remarkable clientele since then. Reputable customer support and a drive for growth are the features which made this company’s success possible.

Centene’s values of exemplary customer care and continuous growth have allowed it to lead the insurance market in the whole country.

But what will clients get from buying their healthcare insurance from this company?

Let’s see from the lenses of major factors which are important for insurance buyers.

Financial Strength

The company offers a reasonable level of financial strength and viability. A.M. Best rates the parent company’s issuer credit rating (ICR) and debt rating at BB.

The ratings of the relevant subsidiary, Celtic Insurance Company, however, vary from the parent. It shows ICR at BBB+ and FCR at B++.

Additional notes claim that the company may have been encountering issues with its ratings because of its massive expansion in different geographical and product arenas.

In short, the company enjoys an attractive financial position with respect to its obligations to its clients.

Customer Relations

It is another area which attracts importance from the insurance clients around the nation. An attractive insurance provider must have an efficient record of customer relations. Plus, it should present commendable business practices including product range and predictability of services to remain viable for customers.

Better Business Bureau rates business according to both of these factors. Accordingly, Celtic entertains an F rating for customer care and business practices.

This rating shows abysmal customer relation offered by the company. These ratings are further supported by negative reviews received from the clients.

It appears that a strong focus on growth has distracted the company from its actual operations.

These ratings only appear worse when customer consider the entity’s age which is lower than most of its competitors.

Celtic Medicare Supplement Plans

The company is in its expansion phase and is continuously growing its geographical reach with respect to Medicare Supplement plans. These plans, like similar plans offered by other insurance providers, cover out-of-pocket costs of Medicare Part A and B.

Wrap Up

Considering the low ratings provided by the company, investment in Celtic Medicare Supplement Plans is not recommended. The clients need to ensure the viability of their insurance policies after analyzing different success factors of the company. These factors include an insurance provider’s ability to sustain its operations as well as effective relations.

The only attraction in the company’s affair is its vast variety of health insurance products.

It appears that the company is failing its customers in both areas. Its BBB rating is especially abysmal which shows the company’s flailing commitment to its customers’ interest.

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