Complete Ambetter Health Insurance Review

When we talk about insurance, we talk about trust and credibility. This trust most often comes from years-long standing in the market. But when we get Ambetter Health Insurance review, we find that customers’ trust in this insurance provider is not based on years of services- it’s fairly young! Yet, you find the company on the Fortune 500 list.

There should be something right being done by this company. What is keeping its customers attracted towards it? Let’s explore.

Company Background

Ambetter Health Insurance is a complete range of health insurance products from Centene Corporation. The company is Centene, in turn, is an insurance provider specializing in managed care services.

Complete Ambetter Health Insurance Review

This particular program of Ambetter operates in only a few areas. However, in line with Ambetter insurance company’s mission statement, this complete portfolio of health insurance services targets the underprivileged sector of society.

Centene makes one of the biggest insurance companies in the whole United States in terms of revenue. Its portfolio of services includes Medicaid, Medicare, Ambetter health insurance marketplace, commercial insurance, and Tricare.

The best feature of this group of companies is their willingness to keep improving their services by partnering with other specialized organizations.

Let’s see the financial and customer service history of this company in detail.

Salient Features

We can assess the trustworthiness of any insurance provider by looking at its age, financial history, and quality of its customer services. Also, you can analyze its suitability against your needs by learning the scope of services it provides.

Following Centene Corporation’s review cover all these aspects.

Financial history

The company attracts positive ratings from the global financial rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P’s). The financial rating agency affirmed Centene to have BBB- rating in long-term issuer credit rating while its long-term financial strength rating stood at A-. Note that, these ratings are an upgrade from previous ratings of BB+ and BBB+.

In short, the company has a strong chance of sustainability in foreseeable future. At the same time, we can expect that Centene has enough assets to make good of any liability claims from the insured clients.

Customer care

Customer care makes the second most prominent feature after financial strength in determining an insurance provider’s credibility. In most instances, it is the decisive factor behind the insurance decisions of individuals.

The best indicator of customer services of a company is its Better Busing Bureau (BBB) rating. However, Centene is not accredited with BBB. As such, we have to rely on review websites to know the credibility of this company.

Mostly, people rate this company’s customer care as less than helpful. The ratio of complaints is high. At the same time, this company doesn’t offer any mobile app to improve communication and understanding.

The only justification for these low ratings for customer reviews is lower premium customers pay for availing this service. However, those clients who are looking for great customer service should stay away from this company.

Variety of services

As we have mentioned before, Centene specializes in health insurance solutions. You can get Medicare, Medicaid as well as Tricare insurance from this company.

Ambetter insurance is another portfolio of its managed health services that helps its customers in availing quality health care at minimum cost. Let’s see in detail what is Ambetter insurance and how can it help you in health care uncertainties.

Ambetter Health Insurance Review and Offered Plans

This portfolio offers three different categories of health care plans. Ambetter Essentials is the basic plan with the lowest premium but higher deductibles. If you enjoy great health, Ambetter Essentials is your best solution. The second category is Ambetter Balanced Care which finds a balance between premiums and deductibles. In the end, Ambetter Secure Coverage gives the highest level of security at a premium.

Wrap Up

We learnt in this Ambetter Health Insurance review that it is a great choice for those people who want to cut costs but can compromise on customer care quality. The three categories target people with different health conditions. You can be sure of the company’s financial strength and outlook because of the high ratings it gathers from Standard and Poor’s.

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