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Does Medicare Cover Colonoscopy?

If you are about to enroll with Medicare, you must be wondering what medical exams would be covered. You would be especially concerned if you are at a higher risk of colorectal cancer asking, ‘Does Medicare cover colonoscopy?’.

The answer to your concern is, ‘Yes, absolutely.’

does medicare cover colonoscopy

What is Colonoscopy?

Simply put, colonoscopy is a medical exam to identify the risks of colon cancer. Doctors conduct this exam by screening the inner surface of the colon using a flexible camera. In addition to assessing risks, this procedure also helps the doctors in removing polyps or other abnormal tissues.

Sometimes, the doctors also recommend this procedure to:

  • Find causes of abnormal changes in bowel movement;
  • Find reasons for pain or bleeding in that abdominal area; and
  • Explore reasons for chronic diarrhea or constipation or unexplained weight loss.

At Which Age Does Medicare Cover Colonoscopy?

If you are at high risk, you would show the most concern between 50 and 75 years of age. But Medicare follows no such rule. It will reimburse regardless of your age when you underwent the procedure.

What Portion is Covered?

Colonoscopy is among those medical procedures which are fully reimbursed by Medicare. In other words, you will not have to pay a single cent for this procedure from your pocket and your insurance provider will reimburse the full amount.

Colonoscopy Intervals

If you are at a higher risk of colon cancer, your doctors will recommend this procedure every other year, after every 24 months. Other patients who do not face this higher risk are recommended by their doctors to undergo the exam after every 120-180 months. As such, Medicare allows for reimbursement of this procedure after every 180 months.

Wrap Up

Colonoscopy can be a life-saving diagnosis for patients in the early stages of colon cancer. Medicare reimburses the cost of this procedure in full regardless of the age of the examinee after every 24 or 180 months depending on the risk of developing colon cancer in that particular individual.

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