Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants?

Are you concerned about the costs you will have to pay out-of-pocket for your dental implant? You are thinking about your Medicare coverage. Will it help? Most specifically, does Medicare cover dental implants?

This article will detail all the costs you will get covered under Medicare related to dental treatments.

Does Medicare cover Dental Implant
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Dental Implants: An Overview

Dental implants are artificial teeth which is(are) attached to a screw implanted in the jawbone. This screw, in turn, serves as teeth’s roots. It is recommended when the original teeth are damaged because of injury or disease.

Original Medicare v Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare does not cover dental implants. Period.

It, however, covers the related costs, such as hospital stay, dental exam, and certain dental procedures if these procedures are necessary for other health examinations (one example of such examinations is clearing you for organ transplant surgery).

Some private insurance providers offer dental procedures as part of Medicare Advantage plans. Beware, that dental health coverage that comes under some plans in Medicare Advantage does not include dental implants.
However, most insurance providers offer supplement dental insurance which may or may not include dental implants. Make sure to gather enough information before you buy into the supplement insurance.

What Does Original Medicare Cover?

Now, you know the answer to the question, ‘does Medicare cover dental implants’. You must be wondering about the coverage you will get in the area of oral health.

If you have a dental implant while you are enrolled in Medicare, your medications costs during the hospital stay will fall under Part A. If you also have Part D coverage, you would receive all the implant-related drugs provided your plan’s formulary includes them.

Wrap Up

So you are wondering does Medicare cover dental implants. Short answer: it doesn’t.
Long answer: it may cover some related costs and help you avail supplement dental insurance so you are covered against dental costs.

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