Elephant Insurance Reviews – History, Finances, and Customer Care

If you are reading this page, then you must have gone through a handful of Elephant Insurance reviews on the web. Is it a good insurance option for you? Or will you lose money purchasing it?

Let’s analyse the company – which is known for its auto insurance policies – and its services in detail in this Elephant Insurance company review. This review will consider the company’s background, service quality, and service span.

Elephant Insurance – Company Background

Elephant Insurance Review

If you look at the age of the Elephant Insurance company, you wouldn’t find it much attractive for your insurance needs. Established in 2009, the company hasn’t served the nation for more than 16 years.

Yet, the biggest factor that contributes to the credibility of this company is its relationship with one of the largest insurance companies in the UK. Its parent company, Admiral Group, is the largest auto insurance company in the United Kingdom.

In the US, Elephant provides services to seven states which are Tennessee, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, and Maryland.

The company is one of the few pioneers who are venturing into the non-conventional, direct-to-customer model of insurance. After cutting down the costs for insurance agents, the company has succeeded in delivering without compromising on budget.

The only downside is that the direct-to-customer sales model doesn’t work for everyone. So, if you are unfamiliar with the nitty-gritty of insurance costs and claims, you should go for a company that uses its network of agents.

So, what makes the company competent? It can be its service model or it can be its rates. On average, the company claims 9% lower rates than its competitors.

Salient Features

The financial history of this company determines if it can fulfill the insurance claims that may arise in a specific period. While Elephant Insurance reviews from customers will show if the company pays attention to clients’ needs.

Financial History

AM Best offers two different ratings for insurance providers these include financial strength rating and issuer credit rating. Elephant Insurance secures A+ for the first; while its second rating stands at aa.

The company hasn’t received any quote from S&P which indicates that the rating agency considered its financial strength difficult to analyse and rate.

On account of the reliability of processing claims, the entity’s parent company has earned an A+ rating from Fitch.

Customer Care

Is the company performing well on business management and customer management fronts? We can answer this question considering its rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company got accredited with the bureau in 2009 – the same year when it incorporated its presence in America.

Now, the company maintains an A+ rating from this watchdog.

On the other hand, if we analyse customer reviews, we find that when we compare the company with its competitors of similar sizes, we find that this entity attracts more negative reviews than competitors. It shows negatively on the quality of Elephant Insurance’s customer care department.

Variety of Services

The primary task of Elephant Insurance Company is insuring autos. However, to suit the needs of the general population and to give them a complete solution for their property insurance needs, the company also offers homeowner insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance, and umbrella and life insurance policies.

For these services, the company claims lower than average rates.

Wrap Up

This article was a detailed Elephant Insurance review. It showed that although the company is a great choice for those people looking to find a budget-friendly insurance solution for their cars, it is less-than-perfect when we factor in its claim processing quality.

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