Are Equitable Life and Casualty Medicare Supplement Plans Your Best Choice?

Equitable Life and Casualty Medicare Supplement plans
Equitable Life and Casualty Medicare Supplement Plans are famous among policyholders because of certain complimentary services such as portability of plan and feature to lock in the premium for up to twelve months.

The company also enjoys commendable financial strength and customer services.

Let’s delve into its performance from the eyes of relevant analysts and critiques.

Equitable Life and Casualty Medicare Supplement Plans

There are four key features about which policyholders probe before selecting a company for their Medicare supplement needs. These factors include financial performance and reliability of the company, its customer care quality and other business practices, range of its products, and complimentary services offered in addition to the plans purchased.

We shall consider the viability of Equitable Life and Casualty Medicare Supplement Plans through all these lenses.

Financial Strength

AM Best, a financial rating agency, rates the financial strength of the company as B. The rating agency translates this rating as Fair and project the financial reliability of such companies as fairly reliable.

But the clients should be aware of the fact that this is the bottom-most positive rating which A.M. Best issues. Any rating below B is considered junk and unworthy of investment. So, there is a reasonable level of risk with the company.

Company gains further trust because of a long history of success dating back to 1935.

Customer Care

In contrast with just acceptable credit rating from financial agencies, the company enjoys admirable rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) for its high quality of customer care. The rating agency rates the insurance provider at A+ owing to its business process authenticity.

A few other review sites over the internet degrades this rating claiming unresolved customer claims and poor quality services.

Product Range

The company offers a myriad of insurance products in addition to Medicare Supplement plans. Other products include annuities, Life insurance, and likes.

Among Medicare Supplement Plans, the company offers Plan A, F, G, and N depending on the state of the policyholder. Among these plans, Plan F will be discontinued from the offered products because of Congress’ decision.

Excluding the Supplement Plan A, all the three plans offered by the company are included in the most popular choices of retirees and elder citizens. Plan G has gained traction since Congress’ decision to discontinue Plan F. This plan, Plan G, offers similar cost coverage as does Plan F with the exclusion of Part B deductible, which is a fairly predictable cost.

Complimentary Services

Other features which attract customers towards the plans offered by this insurance provider include:

  • Portable coverage over varied employments of the policyholder;
  • Guaranteed renewability for life;
  • Ability to lock-in premium and rates for up to 12 months; and
  • Unlimited lifetime benefit.

Wrap Up

So, you are in the process of deciding the insurance provider to cover your Medicare needs. Take a goal-oriented approach. Understand your medical needs, decide on the plan and shortlist those insurance companies which provide that particular Medicare Supplement Plan.

Equitable Life and Casualty Medicare Supplement Plans can be a good fit for most people because they cover all the popular choices.

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