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Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan G

Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan G

So you are considering the eighty years old insurance provider Equitable Life and Casualty Insurance Company.

And which Medicare Supplement Plan appears best for your medical needs?

Let me guess, isn’t it Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Of course, it is. (why else would you click on a title that includes Medicare Supplement Plan G in it, after all? Duh!)

Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan G can be a lot better than the similar plan when offered by any other insurance company.

Why is this so?

It is because of additional, non-monetary, protection offered by this company.

Why Medicare Supplement Plans from Equitable National Life?

If you want the guarantee of Equitable Life and Casualty Insurance Company for your medical needs in retirement years, you can get it from Equitable National Life Insurance Company (ENL). ENL is a subsidiary of Equitable Life and Casualty. It specializes in Medicare Supplement Plans.

In addition to years of positive reputation and customer care, the company offers the following distinguishing features as part of Medicare Supplement packages:

Portability of coverage across different job and employment history of the client;

Renewability of insurance term after expiry of the policy period;

Unlimited lifetime benefit; and

Fixed rates for a year.

Offered Plans

The company offers a variety of Supplement plans. These plans include the basic package of Plan A with advanced and more popular packages of plans F, G, and N.

Out of these, Medicare Plan F has lost its traction because of Congress’ decision to phase out this plan. This plan, which was most famous among policyholders, is currently offering most extensive cost coverage among its peers.

Another most famous Medicare Supplement Plan is Plan N. This plan, however, is less extensive than the other two most popular plans, Plan F and Plan G.

In these circumstances, Plan G presents the most attractive profile with the most certain future and extensive cost coverage.

Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan G

This plan includes the most crucial cost savings which are present in all other Medicare Supplement Plans and some more.

The basic coverage includes:

Medicare Part A coinsurance;

Medicare Part B coinsurance;

Blood first 3 pints; and

Hospice care coinsurance.

Other cost protections which are unique to Supplement Plan G include:

Skilled nursing facility care;

Part A deductible;

Part B excess charges; and

Up to 80% of a foreign travel emergency

The only difference in Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan G and the most extensive plan, Plan F, relates to coverage of Part B deductible. The former plan does not include this coverage in its offer leaving the policyholders vulnerable to additional uncertainty.

In 2019, Supplement Plan attracts top most priority from the potential policyholders after the decline of Supplement Plan F’s popularity. The plan is, now most popular because of the extensive coverage it provides. This plan is most suitable for those senior citizens who have extensive health care and who plan to travel during retirement.

Wrap Up

Equitable Medicare Supplement Plan G can be your best choice if you are looking for certainty of supplement plan premiums and renewability. These plans offer the policyholder lifetime coverage so you are protected for all your retirement years.

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