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An Overview of Equitable National Life Medicare Supplement Plans

equitable national life insurance

Equitable National Life is a part of our favorite insurance provider company, Equitable Life and Casualty. As the name suggests this subsidiary gives Medicare Supplement and life insurance packages to citizens of varying states.

Particularly, Equitable National Life Medicare Supplement Plans make one of the most sought after services from the parent company.

Equitable National Life (ENL) takes the asset backing and surety of its parent company which was established in 1930. The company is without fail protecting people from financial difficulties in illnesses since the middle of the Great Depression.

Equitable National Life Medicare Supplement Plans were conceived by the Equity Life’s management when the Medicare Program was first introduced in the 1960s. Currently, the company is a well-known insurance provider in the niche of senior medical and life insurance.

Equitable National Life offers different Medicare Supplement Plans in 34 different states. The four most common Supplement Plans which are offered by this company are also the most desired ones.

Why Equitable National Life Medicare Supplement Plans Can Be Your Best Bet?

The hallmarks associated with the supplement plans provided by this company distinguish them from other companies’ similar packages.

These features include:

Portability of coverage, meaning a change of employment will have no impact on the eligibility of the policyholder;

Renewability, the company allows a policyholder to renew the plan after the expiry of the policy period;

Unlimited lifetime benefit; and

Fixed premium charges for a year.

Which Plans are Included?

The first Medicare Supplement Plan offered by the company is Supplement Plan A. This mandatory plan provides minimal cost coverage including coverage of:

Medicare Part A and B copayment,

Hospice coinsurance, and

First 3 pints of blood.

The second plan is also the most popular plan of past years. Equitable National Life Medicare Supplement Plan F offers extensive coverage including:

All the basic cost coverage offered by the Supplement Plan A;

Part A and B deductible;

Part B excess costs,

Additional days in Hospice care;

Skilled nursing care facility;

Preventive care coinsurance; and

Emergency travel insurance.

The other two plans come in between the extremes offered by Supplement Plan A and F. These plans are Plan G and N.

Plan G is the most popular supplement plan in 2019 and beyond after the discontinuation decision of Plan F. It is similar to the Plan F. The only difference between these two packages is lack of coverage of Medicare Part B excess costs in Plan G.

On the other hand, Supplement Plan N is the second most popular supplement plan nowadays. Those policyholders who enjoy good health and have less need for emergency room visits prefer this plan.

In addition to the basic cost coverage offered under supplement plan A, this plan includes:

Part A deductible;

Additional days in hospice;

Skilled nursing care facility;

Preventive care coinsurance; and

Emergency travel insurance.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best Medicare Supplement Plan depends on your individual health care needs. But the choice of insurance provider should be based on the company’s strength and customer care as well as your healthcare requirements. Given the reliability and quality of services, we can count Equitable National Life Medicare Supplement Plans among the most sought after health insurance plans.

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