Everything You Should Know about Alfa Insurance

If you are looking for a versatile solution for insurance of your home, car, or health and life through Alfa Insurance Company, this review is a must-read for you. Know about the company’s history, financial strength, and business ethics and values before you commit to partner with them on a long-term basis.

Alfa Insurance – Company Background

alfa insurance review

Alpha Insurance may not be one of the largest insurance companies in the country. Yet, its coverage includes a variety of services so to affect almost all areas of individuals’ lives. Its services are not limited to just health insurance. Rather, it also offers auto and home insurance services as well.

The insurance company operates in eleven states of Southeastern United States. Its core competencies include a wide variety of services, commendable business performance, reliable financial strength, and inclusion of farm insurance services.

Established in 1946, this company has grown tremendously in the past seven decades. It now provides its services in eleven states to more than 1 million clients.

Some standard features that make the company a reasonable insurer include its mobile app for bill payment, average prices, and quick claim processing service. You can also get discounts on different occasions and eligibility criteria.

Salient Features

Other than the quality of its services, below we detail its financial and business history so you can decide if the company is trustable or not.

Financial History

The company attracts positive ratings from credit rating agencies like AM Best and Standard and Poor. It has enjoyed an excellent long-term credit issuer credit rating of aa from AM Best for a long time. In 2019, however, the company saw a decline in this rating. Since then, it stands on an ‘a’ score for its long-term issuer credit rating.

At the same time, the company maintains its financial strength rating (FSR) at A (Excellence) from the same rating agency.

In simple words, the AM Best rating indicates the financial stability of the company and its creditworthiness in foreseeable future.

From S&P, it attracts an AA rating on account of long-term counter-party credit and financial strength ratings and an A-1 for commercial paper rating.

Customer Care

The company offers a 24/7 complaint processing service. Combine it with the company’s mobile app service and you get an insurance solution that is easy for you to manage.

Although the company has shown an utmost commitment to its customer care area, there are quite a few areas of concern left in it. For example, Alfa Insurance attracts negative reviews from customers. The most commonly cited issues with this company include high deductibles, delayed response from customer care, and questionable policies.

In short, the company is best only for those people who analyze its policies in detail before signing up and evaluate them against their needs.

Variety of Services

Alfa Insurance offers a huge variety of insurance services ranging from home or auto insurance to farm or business insurance, to health and life insurance.  Many of its customers have enrolled their whole family with this network.

One of the most loved products of this company is its personal umbrella insurance which covers almost all assets and health of an individual.

Among health insurance packages, this company includes various options ranging from basic insurance plans to plans with vision and dental coverage.

In terms of Medicare Supplement plans Alfa sells Blue Cross Blue Shield’s plans in its jurisdiction.

Alfa Insurance – Offered Plans

As we know that Alfa is a licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) to sell its Medicare Supplement plans. Consequently, the company offers all those supplement plans which are offered by BCBS.

BCBS covers all Medicare Supplement plans; thus, the same is true for Alfa Insurance.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a single insurance solution for all your needs, Alfa Insurance is a great entity to start your search. The company covers a huge variety of insurance products. You can acquire its services to cover your health expenses, vehicle maintenance and repair bills, and risks related to your home.

Their services don’t conclude here. You can also get coverage for your business from this entity. However, if you decide to proceed, make sure you understand their policies in detail to avoid misunderstandings in the future when you decide to change the plan.

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