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Individual Assurance Company Medicare Supplement Plans – Review

Individual Assurance Company Medicare Supplement Plans Review
Individual Assurance Company (IAC) has its distinct perks when it comes to life insurance packages and offers. The company which was incorporated in 1956 has gained significant traction in insurance services during its life span. Its operations in 43 different states mean that you are eligible for receiving its protection in most parts of the country.

Recently it added Medicare Supplement plans in its product portfolio. The competence of Individual Assurance Company Medicare Supplement plans comes from a variety of factors. These factors include the insurance company’s strengths, financial backing, customer care, a variety of services, and life span.

Key Features of Individual Assurance Company

With more than sixty years of operations in the insurance industry, Individual Assurance Company has presented a reliable past history of ensuring financial protection to people. Currently, the company caters to insurance packages worth around $4 billion.

The company’s financial strength can be judged from the ratings provided by different credit and insurer rating agencies. A. M. The best rating is one such company which reviews insurance providers on the basis of their financial position. According to A. M. Best, the company presents a Good outlook with a B+ rating.

Another key factor that decides an insurer’s success in customers’ eyes is the customer care it provides. IAC, for example, is rated as B- from Better Business Bureau, a business review site that focuses on insurance providers. A B rating comes at average rating among insurance providers.

The company provides a number of insurance services to its clientele. Its packages include health and life insurance and Medicare Supplement plans. At the same time, the company also offers group insurance packages to suit the needs of individual companies.

Among Medicare Supplement plans, the company covers mandatory Medigap Plan A and three other most popular ones. These alternative options include Medicare Supplement Plan F, G, and N. The company makes a point in its website that the availability of these plans varies by state.

Why Should You Choose Individual Assurance Company Medicare Supplement Plans?

We have discussed various factors which define IAC’s success and failure as a company. Now let’s consider the features which are specific to its Individual Assurance Company Medicare Supplement Plans.

The four plans offered by the company are claimed to attract the lowest possible premium. The company offers these plans in all those states where it manages its operations. It means that policyholders from 43 different states can avail these packages.

Although the variety of Supplement Plans offered by the company is not too rich, the company has successfully countered the limitation that comes with its smaller variety. The company has only kept those plans within its packages which are most attractive among customers.

It is offering Medicare Supplement Plan F and G. Former of these remained most popular among policyholders in the last few years. And the latter is gaining traction in the current year and will continue to do so because of the changed composition of offered Medicare Supplement Plans.

Wrap Up

The company may not be the oldest insurer provider you can get, but it surely is the best options one can avail with affordable premiums. Another attractive feature of these plans is their availability in most states around the country.

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