A Review of KSKJ Life Medicare Supplement Plans

KSKJ life medicare supplement

KSKJ Life Medicare Supplement Plans offer to cover out of medical costs which are left uncovered by Medicare Original. The company is operating in the insurance industry for 125 years and has gained sizable business among policyholders because of its best practices.

The company offers its potential clients to contact through phone so they can assist them with their Medicare supplement plan choice before they could decide for themselves. This way, the clients avail all the relevant information and make informed decision keeping in mind their health issues and the costs covered by offered Medicare supplement plan.

One of the reasons for which policyholders consider this insurance provider among many other options is that it opens its services even for those individuals who cannot get insurance from other companies because of their medical needs.


The company, KSKJ Life, started its operations in 1894 under Solvenians supervision. The company soon evolved to include other sectors of the general public. With time, it grew its services and now offers varying plans including life insurance, annuities, and Medicare supplement plans.

Various factors which attract investors towards or away from an insurance provider include financial stability, the cost structure of the products, its customer care quality, and product range.

Let’s check out KSKJ Life’s attractiveness through these lenses.

Financial Stability

Policyholders judge the financial stability of an insurance provider from the reviews and ratings it gains from credit rating agencies including Standard and Poors and A.M. Best.

KSKJ life enjoys a praiseworthy rating from A.M. Best at A+. This is the topmost rating from the rating agency and promises the exceptional financial performance of the company in terms of stability and ability to make good for the claims.

Customer Care

The company takes pride in offering a high quality of customer care. The foundation of the company lies in serving under-privileged sect of society, which were at that time Solvenians. The company upholds similar principles of service.

Yelp, an internet-based review site, shows that customers viewed the company as providing an acceptable level of customer care. Cumulatively, these reviews show that the company stands at 3 stars because of its service.

Cost of Products

The company offers market compatible costs of all the Medicare Supplement plans it offers. It invites potential clients for further inquiry through the phone.

Product Range

The company offers a comprehensive list of products including life insurance, annuities, and Medicare supplement plans. At the same time, it also offers complimentary services to its members.

Wrap Up

KSKJ Life does not show a host of information upfront at its websites. Data about its financial success is also absent from the main page. However, the company enjoys a reliable rating from A.M Best a reliable source of information in the insurance industry.

KSKJ Life Medicare Supplement Plans are accompanied by member benefits which are available to the company’s clients. The company also offers its clients a wide range of coverage so they have to deal with a single insurance provider as an individual or family.

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