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Medicare Supplement Plan D

Medicare Supplement Plan D

Ten Medicare Supplement plans offer coverage of those costs which are missed by Medicare Original. These ten different packages offer different levels of coverage. Some offer basic protection against medical care costs compensating with lower premium costs associated with them. Other plans offer higher protection level but carry higher costs.

One of the supplement plans which offers relatively higher coverage against medical costs is Medicare Supplement Plan D.

The plan is a direct competition of Medicare supplement plan N but with a few differences.

Along with the basic cost coverage offered by Medicare Supplement Plan A and B, the plan offers skilled nursing facility care coinsurance and travel emergency insurance.

The Plan is described in full below:

What is Included in the Medicare Supplement Plan D?

Following basic costs are included in the Medicare Supplement Plan D:

  • Coinsurance of Medicare Part A together with hospital stay costs after exhaustion of Medicare allowed hospital days,
  • Coinsurance or copayment of Medicare Part B,
  • First three pints of blood,
  • Coinsurance or copayment of Part A hospice care, and
  • First three pints of blood.
  • The extra insurance provided by this plan include:
  • Skilled nursing facility care,
  • Part A deductible, and
  • 80% of a foreign travel emergency.

What is NOT Included in Medicare Supplement Plan D?

The only two costs which are not covered by supplement plan D but may be included by other more comprehensive plans are:

Medicare Part B deductible and

Medicare Part B excess costs.

The second of these costs have a unique relationship with individuals’ lifestyle choices and healthcare needs.

If a person is bound to frequently visit doctors, and the doctors are known to charge excess charges; he/she will be bound to ignore Medicare Supplement Plan D for a plan which covers excess charges to reduce these frequent out-of-pocket costs.

Difference between Supplement Plan D and N

If you compare the offered features in Medicare Supplement Plans D and N, it becomes apparent that the two plans cover similar costs. But there is a difference between the two when it comes to copayments of Medicare Part B.

A brief explanation of this difference is that the Supplement plan D attracts higher monthly premiums against Medicare Supplement Plan N but with a little extra coverage of Medicare Part B copayment coverage.

The latter of these plans makes the policyholder responsible for doctor and emergency room visit for up to $20 and $50 respectively in cases where these visits do not conclude in the admission of the patient.

Who Would Prefer Medicare Supplement Plan D?

The plan is suitable for those individuals who want relatively high certainty in their healthcare costs. Using this plan will absolve the seniors of the liability of all coinsurance and copayment costs of Medicare Part A and B. Deductibles, which are slightly more predictable need payment under this plan. The only exceedingly uncertain cost is that of Medicare Part B excess charges which become out-of-pocket for the holders of this supplement plan.

Wrap Up

This plan is best for you if you want a lower monthly premium than Medicare Supplement Plans F and G and still want higher certainty in everyday healthcare costs.

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