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If you So, you are worried about healthcare costs for you or your family? One of the most extensive health care insurance packages comes from Molina Healthcare of Texas insurance company. This company offers a multitude of health plans to low-income families.

Molina Healthcare Utah, headquartered in California, is an HMO that offers a variety of plans across different states. It is a healthcare insurance company that offers health insurance and operates medical clinics to also offer managed care. Molina healthcare Plans differ from state to state.

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Company background and overview:

Molina Healthcare Utah was founded in 1980, it got stronger over the years and expanded through investment into Utah and Michigan. Nowadays, the company’s operations are in many other states. In 2003, the company went public. It is a trustworthy insurance company and has led the health insurance market over years.

Molina healthcare Ohio offers healthcare plans connected with state programs, Medicare and Medicaid. Although these programs are offered by the company the list of offered plans differs from state to state.

Now, Molina healthcare of Ohio is based on 500 companies that cover 3.5 million people from low-income families. It also plays a part in the marketplace which works for individual and family plans at all levels.

In Medi-Cal, Molina Healthcare Texas associates with the state of California to provide Medi-Cal coverage to low-income families for those who become certified under the state policy. It offers a variety of plans in healthcare; including maternity care, hospital treatment, and vision.

Molina healthcare of Michigan offers Medicare choices for those who are eligible for it. Moreover, provide an additional plan for those patients who need both Medicare and Medicaid. These are HMO and SNP plans in that prescription drugs are included. Besides, it covers vision, hearing, and pediatric dental treatment as supplements.

The catastrophic plan is a minimum coverage plan which is only for those who qualify. In this plan, the company restricts the deductible to $7,150 for a person and $14,300 for a family. And it relates to medical care, prescription, and pediatric dental care. Once you have paid this amount, the rest of your medical care costs will be taken care of by your insurance provider.

Molina Healthcare offers its bronze plan that is bronze 60, its deduction is $6,300, and $12,600 is a family deduction, but the prescription deductible is separate which is $100 for an individual and $1000 for a family once the amount is paid then it covers all prescriptions 100%.

Four silver plans of Molina healthcare Utah are:

  • Molina silver 94 has low deductibles are $75 and $150 for one person and for a family, charges for primary checkup visits are only $5, $8 for a specialist, and $3 starting charges for drugs prescription.
  • Molina silver 87 deductibles are $650 and $ 1,300 for individual and for family, charges for a primary checkup is $10, $25 for a specialist and $5 is starting charges for drugs prescription.
  • Molina silver 73 deductibles are $2,200 and $4,400 for individual and for family, charges for a primary checkup is $30, $55 for a specialist, and starting charges are $15 for drugs prescription.
  • Molina silver 70 plans have deductibles are $2500 and $5000 for a family, charges for primary care are $35, $70 for a specialist, and for drugs, prescription starts from $15.

Molina healthcare Texas has a gold plan that is named Molina gold 80 which has zero deduction but the copay for a primary checkup is $30, $55 for specialist charges, and drugs prescription charges start from $15

The platinum plan from Molina offers zero deduction. In this zero deduction plan, the primary charges are $15 and specialist charges are $40 as well as drugs start from $5.

If you are interested in knowing Molina healthcare Florida plans quotes, know they are not available on the website but you can easily know about these by filling up the form.

Salient features:

Good Financial performance is one of the key factors of success in any insurance company as well as customer care and the plans offer to the customers.

Financial performances:

Molina healthcare ratings are not stable nowadays according to S&P global rating, in 2018 Molina’s business is reducing long-term issue credit and older unsecured debt ratings from BB- to BB with a constant position.

The policyholders of Molina healthcare reviews are not very satisfied due to its lack of response by the customer care of its department.

Molina healthcare Utah reviews are not good on Google these are varied to low as same as Molina healthcare Michigan reviews. If we talk about Molina healthcare Washington reviews there is a 1.9 rating on Google. But Molina healthcare Ohio reviews are better than others on Google which is 2.5 stars.

Molina HealthCare BBB rating on Google is F which is not shown a good picture of this insurance company.

Customer services:

Molina healthcare Utah is a well-developed insurance company that had a fortune of 500 companies. It offers multiple health programs for low-income customers it offers Medi-Cal, Medi-Care, and Madi-Caid programs. There is a special offer of Medi-caid and Madi-Cal for those who are old age and with less income or for disabled persons under state programs.

In Medicare Molina offer prescription drug plan coverage to Utah residents. This plan gives you all medicare to keep you and your family healthy by covering your hospital charges, doctor fee, lab test bills, etc. moreover it covers medications as well.

There are many complaints by the policyholders about the bill payments not being clear, the website link down, and there are many policy cancellations due to these problems. Overall the customers have bad reviews about not responding or delay responding by the company.

Wrap up:

Molina healthcare Ohio insurance company working in the health field for many years it is a fortune 500 company. Molina offers Medi-Cal Medi-caid and medicare with the state contribution for the low-income person and for those who are disabled and do not have enough income.

The plans of this insurance company are so good but overall the customer reviews are less positive or we can say not satisfying due to its customer careless responding many policies are canceled.

Many health insurance companies also have the same issue that they are not given a good response to their customers, this is not a good sign, but it might be a good option for many others.

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