Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 Explained

Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement Insurance 2019

Medicare is healthcare insurance coverage provided by the government for the citizens of the USA. The coverage comes in two parts; Medicare Original and Medicare Supplements or Medigap plans. Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement Plans are an example of the latter coverage category. Original Medicare is what is provided to all eligible citizens based on taxes, insurance contributions, and insurance premiums. These parts offer similar coverage to all the recipients regardless of their contributions.

Although Medicare Original covers a myriad of costs including those of hospital stays, doctor visits, nursing care, and prescription drugs, there are various costs that the beneficiary has to bear in terms of healthcare. These out-of-pocket costs can include:

  • Co-pays and Co-insurances
  • Part A and B deductibles
  • Foreign travel healthcare
  • Excess Charges.

These additional costs leave room for the purchase of additional coverage. For more budget-constraint individuals this additional coverage comes from Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part C. But those individuals who prefer flexibility over cost go for Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans are 10 insurance plans which are developed by the government to cover different healthcare costs. These plans are offered by private insurance companies at prices varying among different institutions.

Each plan represents a unique group among beneficiaries according to their healthcare and insurance needs. For example, Plan A would be the best choice for those individuals who want to supplement their coverage with a minimal extra benefit. On the other hand, Plan F and Plan G offer maximum protection to those individuals who incur maximized healthcare costs.

About Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement plans

Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement plans are issue-aged Medigap Plans and are offered in a few states including New Mexico, Kansas, Montana, Texas, and Oklahoma. It is a mature insurance provider that has proven record of public service in the field of insurance, including life insurance and Medigap plans.

The policy provider’s expertise regarding Medicare renders offered Old Surety Life Medicare supplement the most attractive option in applicable states.

They offer only three Medicare supplement plans including Plan A, Plan C, and Plan F. Plan A gives minimum coverage showcasing Part A and B coinsurance, Hospice coinsurance, preventive care copay, and benefit for blood.

Plan C adds Part A and B deductibles, skilled nursing facility insurance, and foreign travel benefits to the basic coverage offered under Plan A.

In the end, Plan F is the most extensive. But the only difference between Plan C coverage and Plan F coverage is protection against Part B excess costs that might arise in certain doctors’ visits.

One of the perks of using Old Surety Life Medicare Supplement Plans for your healthcare needs is the company’s experience in relevant industry. But it doesn’t complete the pros list for the business.

The business prides in offering commendable customer care services. Most of the business’ success and high rating on Better Business Bureau comes from its caring attitude towards customers’ claims.

Add to these reviews, the company’s strong financial position which it has developed in the form of longstanding reserves, and these plans become an attractive option for all Medicare beneficiaries shopping for supplement plans.

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