Our Stance at Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement Plans

Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement Plans

Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement Plans are one of the most common choices among elder citizens. The reason is simple: these plans offer no restriction on the network of health practitioners and medical institutions from which the patients fulfill their healthcare needs.

The insurer provides two different types of Medicare supplement plans. Namely, these plans include Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement One Plan and Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement Core Plan. Difference between these two packages boils down to provision or lack thereof of Medicare Part A and B annual deductibles.

Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement One Plan, for example, covers policyholders’ Medicare Part A and B deductibles. On the other hand, Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement Core Plan does not offer this coverage.

Let’s consider the strengths and weaknesses of these plans according to the features of the company upholding them.

Financial Strength

Tufts Associated Health is the organization which backs these plans. Since 2010, the company has stopped receiving any rating from A.M Best, a credit rating agency with a primary focus on insurance companies. The credit rating agency announced departure from evaluating this and similar insurance providers claiming unstable economic conditions have increased uncertainty surrounding the survival of these entities. Till now, the company has failed to reclaim enough financial sustainability to allow A.M Best to re-evaluate the former.

Customer Satisfaction and Other Operations

Although the company shows a dire situation in terms of its financial affairs, it enjoys a reliable reputation among clients because of its customer relations and everyday business operations. The company has earned an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This high rating level shows that the company is highly committed to providing quality services to its clients.

It should further be noted that a major contributor to this rating is not the customer-oriented attitude rather it is rooted in the high level of quality attached with the products of the company. In fact, Tufts Associated Health earns a less-than-ideal rating in terms of customer satisfaction.

Product Range

In addition to preferred plans, which operate on the Preferred Private Organization (PPO) plans structure, the company offers other insurance packages Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan structure. Among the HMO plans, the company offers two different families of insurance Direct and Premier. Summarily, Direct plans tend to be cheaper with limited coverage when compared against Premier plans which tend to attract higher premium charges.

Most of the plans offered by the company cover health care costs.

Wrap Up

The company Tufts Health Plan is a non-profit organization which offers premium quality customer services backed by years of expertise in asset management and customer care. Tufts Medicare Preferred Supplement Plans deviate from the standard style of Medicare supplement plans as they offer PPO style coverage. In other words, these plans allow the clients to choose their health care providers based on their preferences without a restriction of contract from the insurance provider.

These plans are admired by most clients because of a lack of limitation. Plus, customers favor this organization because its members are often awarded complimentary benefits like discounts, fitness memberships, eye care, and dental care.

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