Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s Mutual Insurance Company – A Review

Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s mutual is an insurance company that provides insurance for wood products from furniture manufacturing wood carving material and lumbers and other wood material which is used in construction.

Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s Mutual Insurance Company

Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s mutual insurance company – An Overview:

Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s mutual insurance Company is an American premier’s casualty and Property Company, formed by a group of lumber dealers and woodworkers to provide reasonable exposure to the industry members. The company was formed in Philadelphia and started working in 1897. In 1930 the company starts expanding to other neighboring states to the north and south as well. It serves over 125 years in the market. It is the largest and the oldest company which works in the wood manufacturing material and lumber business for providing companies with risk-free business.

In 2013 the company became affiliated with its competitor company Indiana Lumbermen’s mutual for extra support to both companies for expanding their business and stability. Because of this, they expand it across the nation. The company head office is in Philadelphia.

These days company provides commercial insurance policies to thousands of lumber, wood, and building material companies for protecting their businesses. Its agents work in all states.

Salient features:

Company insurance policies, its financial performance, and customer care testify its trustworthiness.

Financial performances:

Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s mutual insurance Company’s financial performance has become more stable and efficient because of its merger. This merger has earned it financial strength and has enabled it to expand its operations across the country. Now, it renders successful operations in 49 different states

Its performance upgraded due to its best policies and business stability.

According to A.M’s best rating, Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s mutual insurance Company Financial strength rating is A- which is (Excellent). And its issue credit rating (ICR) is A- that is excellent.

Customer service:

There are no negative yelp reviews from the past three years for Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s mutual insurance company. Its strong portfolio and customer care services ensure total care and its well-established feedback survey mechanism enhances its performance. This gets a good image of this company in the market.

The process of getting an insurance policy is easy with manageable documentation requirements.

The company works with all license insurance procedures and we can safely say that there is no need for premium commitments. It provides its services in 49 different states.

The company forms are available on its website with simple terms and conditions and all information is mentioned there.

Also, the company’s claim forms are available on its website, as well as the claim can be submitted via phone, email, or fax. After submitting the claim the agents of the company in your area will contact you to validate the provided information within 24 hours.

After claim completion, the company sends all customers a claim survey to get feedback from all customers, to make sure they get insured or not properly or they have other further issues or not.

Services Offered

Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s mutual is an insurance company that provides business insurance for promoting and securing business to businessmen in woodworking and related industries. It offers commercial insurance products for wood and lumbers related companies like building material dealers, masonry yards, electrical, plumbing or drywall suppliers lumber yards, lumbers brokers, and distributors.

Wrap Up

It is a good choice for all those companies which have recently started their business and want to expand and secure their business in the exact market as well as for those who already had wood or construction-related business and want to make it risk-free and get more strength in the market. It provides its best contribution and full exposure to wood-related and lumber-related companies.

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