Should You Get Insurance from Molina Marketplace?

The company claims to be a budget-friendly insurance solution for most families. Another core competence it claims is the variety of insurance products that specialize in the health care niche. For starters, the company offers preventive care, primary care, and paediatrician for families with regular health care needs.

It also offers plans that come under the systems of Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Medicaid.

You can be sure that the company specializes in this particular niche of insurance. But is it reliable and easy to deal with?

Let’s explore.

Company Background

Molina Marketplace, Molina Healthcare

If you are looking at the company’s age, note that it isn’t much. Molina Healthcare was established in 1980 as a health care institute. After a few years, it expanded its operations in California and acquired the functions of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) also.

Since then, it has helped different states and millions of people.

The incorporation philosophy of Molina Marketplace Utah and other branches remained the same as its headquarters, to serve the underprivileged sector of society. To do so, they have included preventive care as well as primary care as the primary focus of their insurance product.

Molina Marketplace – Salient Features

The company also performs well on grounds of business and finances. Its inclusion in Fortune 500 companies tells a lot about its success.

Below we discuss its performance in each area separately.

Financial history

The most recent update about this company’s financial strength comes from Standard and Poor’s ratings. The financial industry watchdog affirmed Molina’s progress in its credibility and financial strength in 2017. This assurance came as a change of financial strength rating from Ba2 to Ba1.

The rating was related to different subsidiaries of Molina Marketplace including Molina Marketplace of Michigan, Molina Marketplace of Ohio, Molina Marketplace of Texas, and Molina Marketplace of Washington.

Customer care

It seems that customer care makes the poorest area of operations of Molina Marketplace.

If you search Google for Molina Healthcare reviews, you will find mixed opinions from its customers. But that’s not all. It also has attracted poor ratings from the business performance rating bureau, Better Business Bureau (BBB), because it failed to respond to customers’ complaints.

The company has acquired a rating of ‘f’ for its poor customer care by BBB.

Variety of services

This area boasts the top quality of the company after its budget-friendliness. Molina Marketplace operates under two names: Molina Marketplace and Molina Healthcare. Essentially the former part is just as much related to health care insurance solutions as the later part. However, Molina Healthcare only offers government devised plans including Medicare and Medicaid.

Specialization in services enables the entity to understand its customers’ needs with a unique angle and insight. So, you get more detail and coverage in insurance packages than most other healthcare insurance providers.

Offered plans

Molina offers both Medicaid and Medicare insurance packages. For Medicare supplement plans, the company has different offers for different states. For example, Molina Healthcare Ohio offers different packages than Molina Healthcare Texas or Molina Healthcare Florida.

Wrap Up

Molina Marketplace started as the most committed and caring insurance provider healthcare facility. Its focus on preventive care makes a prominent feature of its services. When we combine this quality with its affordability, it becomes the best option for the underprivileged sect of society.

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