Stauffer Funeral Home – A Brief Introduction

Life is unpredictable and death is even more so.

Yet, we are obligated to prepare for both. The preparation for death is easier when we are expecting it at a certain time. We fund the death expense insurance, contact relevant funeral homes, and know what would make the eulogy.

But when it happens suddenly, even the loved ones of the deceased lose the opportunity to say goodbyes. And don’t even think about proper goodbye and funerals.

Thanks to funeral homes, the burden is taken away from the loved ones of the deceased somewhat.

Stauffer Funeral Home is one such institute that helps the grieving family by taking care of the whole process, compassionately.

Stauffer Funeral Homes

Stauffer Funeral Homes

These funeral homes make the go-to choice for most families when they find themselves grieving for their deceased family member. What makes them stand out of crowd? It could be their funeral services or their facilities. But they choose it to be the compassion and empathy they impart to the people who are commemorating their loved one.

A Brief Background

The funeral home started its operations in 1973 under G. Douglas Stauffer. Nowadays, he manages the operations of this funeral house with the help of George D. Stauffer and Courtney M. Stauffer. To help the families with their grieving process and to manage the funeral service rendering, Stauffers have also recruited numerous kindhearted staff members. And the inclusion of your furry friend, Steeler, makes this compassion unconditional and pure.

If you are looking for their services, the company has made the information transparent. Now, you don’t have to worry about who would be caring for your beloved relative or friend. And if you are still confused, you can ask the funeral director about the level of care and service they will impart.


The services include every step of saying goodbye to the deceased.

The first one in their portfolio is the funeral and memorial services. As the name suggests, it starts as soon as the death has occurred and the funeral home is called to serve. The organization handles everything from handling the corpse, executing the paperwork, making the necessary announcements, and coordinating with all the relevant parties.

It may look pre-defined, but the institute understands that every family is different so is every funeral. It honors, this difference in approaches to customize its process allowing the family members to remain in complete control.

The process of cremation is especially easy and hassle-free with Stauffer Funeral Homes. With an on-site crematory, the process is more streamlined and easy to follow. This facility also allows the funeral house to offer funeral services in addition to cremation to interested parties.

Like many other funeral houses, Stauffer Funeral Home also allows you the options of pre-arrangements. This option kicks in when the death is predictable. In such a case, the family or the dying person can plan the funeral in advance saving them from taking difficult decisions in already difficult times of death.

Veterans deserve added honor and tribute. That’s why Stauffer Funeral Homes Signature Veterans Tribute to brave souls.

Wrap Up

Grieving is not easy. And it’s even more difficult to carry out the difficult process of conducting a funeral when you are already in the grieving phase. That’s why Stauffer Homes make the process easy and compassionate for you and your loved ones.


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