The Case for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Medicare Supplement

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Medicare Supplement

If you are one of those rare investors who can compromise customer service quality for attaining higher certainty regarding the value of their investment, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Medicare Supplement plans should be your best choice.

The company is known among its clientele with different brand names including Thrivent, Thrivent Financial, and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Technically, the company should drop indication of Lutherans in its brand name as it no longer restricts is services to the said sect.

One of the remarkable features of the company is its ability to manage its not-for-profit nature with its stellar performance in the financial area.

Company’s offered services, combined with its Medicare Supplement plans, financial strength, and customer reviews are given below:

Offered Packages

The company offers a number of insurance packages to facilitate individuals and companies. The insurance products for individuals include life, disability income, long-term care, and Medicare Supplement insurance.

Plus, the company offers annuities and IRAs for future retirees. Other types of investment solutions are also offered by the company.

Medicare Supplement Plans

The company offers all the available Medicare Supplement Plans. Currently, the most popular among these plans, Plan F, will soon be discontinued. It will be replaced by Plan G in popularity rank, a plan which is almost equally extensive.

Financial Strength

The company enjoys a stellar rating according to its financial strength. A.M. Best, which is a credit rating company that evaluates the financial performance of insurance industry companies, gives Thrivent  Financial for Lutherans Medicare Supplement A++ rating.

In practice, this rating shows that the company has not only enjoyed a stable financial history in the past but also has a remarkable financial team that is constantly making profitable investment choices. Furthermore, it also shows that the company has more than enough assets to cover its liabilities.

Customer Services

From the reviews available online regarding the company’s customer care, it is apparent that the company does not enjoy a favorable rating among its clients. The company attracts A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Although this rating shows impeccable performance from the company in terms of managing operations and customers, this rating can be negated by the negative ratings available on other platforms. Yelp, an online customer review site, for example, gives a single rating to this insurance provider based on reviews from 16 different customers. This is a terrible rating, to begin with. And couple it with extremely negative features these customers claim and the company’s client care situation appears grave.

Wrap Up

There are various factors that make or break an insurance provider reputation. Age of the entity is one factor. However, this factor is not as important as other factors such as financial sustainability outlook, customer care, and range of offered products.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Medicare Supplement plans appears authentic because they offer peace of mind to the clients in various ways.

First, these plans are backed by a financially strong company which is also keen on helping its clients through a range of products. Secondly, management runs its operations smoothly. The only glitch is the company’s poor performance at customer care front.

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