Washington National Insurance Company [Review 2022]

Washington National is a life insurance company for individuals as well as families. It has a significant base of satisfied clients whom the company has helped during their time of need and continues to do so. The insurance company is known for prioritizing the needs of its customers and offering solutions that are best for their well-being and fit perfectly with their unique needs. However, relying on an insurance company is a lifelong commitment and not an everyday task. You are a smart customer if you are out here digging deeper into the company before finalizing your choice.

Let’s make the process convenient for you by breaking down the major elements. You can be the judge of it at the end.

Washington National Insurance Company – Company Background

Washington National insurance company was founded over 100 years ago by the two brothers; George and Harry Kendall. It started from their hometown, Springfield, Illinois. The first-ever policy was hand-written and delivered by George on his bicycle.

A simple accident policy being the first value proposition, the products and services portfolio kept diversifying over time. The primary objective behind the establishment was to safeguard the interests of customers during any unpredictable instances at all stages of life and the provision of valuable life insurance and health products. It has not stopped ever since!

Washington National Insurance Company Review

Salient Features

You cannot simply avoid all the considerations that come with the decision of purchasing life insurance. You have to choose the best fitting policy, the right length of coverage, and most importantly the right insurance company. In order to do so the most crucial features you should look out for are highlighted below. Let’s look at them one by one.

Financial Strength

The insurance company seems to be quite stable in terms of its assets and finances. It is evident from a credit rating company- A.M. Best Company, that Washington National attracts a decent rating. The review and rating company has given Washington National Insurance Company an A-.

As of 2018, the company recorded having 45.4 billion worth of assets and a net surplus of more than $340 million. With 1.07 as the asset-to-liability ratio, you are safe to join hands with the team.

Washington National Insurance Company – Customer Care

Unfortunately, the company seems to be lagging in this department. With an absence of a basic online chatting option, the company denies its customers the facility of having a direct and prompt communication channel.

Another limitation is the lack of information provided online. This means if you need to learn more about a specific policy, it might not be possible without getting in touch with the agent.

Regardless of developing a credible financial reputation, the customer review section online can be a little alarming. While few review sites rate the company very high, there are others where the feedback can be seen as questionable. You are recommended to go through these for a better-informed decision.

Variety of Services

The services this company offers are very essential and attractive, to say the least. The list includes:

  • Life insurance for individuals; universal life and term life.
  • Health insurance for individuals and families includes critical illnesses, cancer, stroke, accident, hospital stay.
  • Premium-return feature on several products
  • Prescription discounts
  • Multiple underwriting options
  • Health advocate services

Wrap Up

With a century under its belt, the company has earned a reputable name for itself. Primarily for health insurance, the portfolio has added more variety to cater to a wider client base. If you are looking for life insurance, Washington national might be the right solution for you. Get in touch with the agent today and learn all about the policies before making this life-long commitment.

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