Are Western United Life Medicare Supplement Your Best Bet

Manhattan Life, Western United Life Medicare Supplement

So, you have heard about the Western United Life Medicare Supplement but are confused about its match with your needs? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Western United Life Medicare Supplement Plans are common supplement plans offered by Western United. Western Unite, in turn, is an affiliate company of renowned Manhattan Life Insurance. This affiliate company is serving the community for the last 55 years.

Let’s consider the success of Western United Life Medicare Supplement Plans under three lenses: financial stability, inclusive product range, and customer satisfaction.

Financial Stability

The company is in operations for the last 55 years indicating its reliability in the financial arena as well as its positive reputation among its clientele. The company attracts B+ rating from A.M Best which is a credit rating agency focused on evaluating the financial strength of insurance providers. This rating further enhances the company’s reputation among its client base when it combines with previous years’ rating of a similar standard. The company has maintained this rating for the last five years.

It should be noted that any rating above B- in the financial industry is considered stable and investment-worthy. A B+ rating is further explained as good or stable by the issuing credit rating agency.

Product Range

The company collaborates with its sister company Manhattan Life to offer a host of products. The most common products include life insurance, annuities, and Medicare Supplement Plans.

A wide variety of products included in the portfolio of Western United as well as a stable financial history during most of its survival history means that the company is well-received by its clientele.

Customer Satisfaction and Business Operations

When we look at different ratings of consumer success and satisfaction regarding Western United, we find that the only reason that is maintaining this company’s reputation among its members is its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The entity has no active reviews on Yelp! a consumer review site on the internet.

At the same time, the company attracts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB is a rating agency that evaluates businesses based on their business operations and management practices. An A+ rating shows that company’s reputation among its customers is remarkable.

Other Factors

In addition to dependable financial strength, wide product range, and reliable customer services, the company also boasts other attractive features because of its offer locations and included Medicare supplement plans.

For example, the company offers its services in different states including Texas, North Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, South Dakota, Nevada, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Plus, the company claims to carry Medicare Supplement Plans at the lowest possible rates.

Wrap Up

The company, Western United Life is an established enterprise that boosts financial strength and standard customer care as its prominent features. The entity offers Medicare Supplement plans in various states at competitive rates and dependability that accompanies the products offered by this company only.

If you are located in one of those states where Western United Life Medicare Supplement Plans are available, you are in luck. The company is one of the few providers which combine affordability and quality in one package.

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