What Does Medicare Part D Cover?

What does Medicare Part D cover and why you should consider it? After all, it’s optional for you to enroll in this part and pay the related premiums.

Well, for many, Medicare Part D covers an integral part of their senior years’ medical bills. It may offer fewer benefits to others but that doesn’t render it useless for those who gain access to the costly drugs at affordable rates only because of this part.

What Does Medicare Part D Cover?

Medicare Part D offers enrollees coverage on a wide variety of drugs. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has rolled out hundreds of Part D plans which private insurance providers uphold while selling these plans. Furthermore, these plans may differ in the origin and brand of drugs included. For example, some insurance providers kept tiers where costlier options rely on brand-name prescription drugs; while cheaper options showcase generic drugs.

The enrollees should pay special attention to formulary they receive from their insurance provider as these lists are the most crucial and informative document for Medicare Part D plan selection.

What are Formularies?

A formulary is a list of all the drugs included in the given Medicare Part D plan.

As a rule of thumb, it includes at least two drugs per drug category. As an enrollee, you are allowed to ask for an exception provided that your prescribed drug is not included in the formulary and your doctor considers no available option to be effective.

These formularies may change because of a change in availability or recommendation of drugs. Also, the insurance providers often include a generic drugs in the list to affect cost. Other than ad-hoc changes, most changes are communicated to the enrollees either:

  • 30 days before the change or
  • Upon request of a refill from enrollees.

Wrap Up

Medicare Part D covers drugs. It has hundreds of variations and enrollees have to choose based on availability in their area and the included drugs.

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